Checklist for traveling abroad

We are living in a jet age where traveling abroad has become common. Gone are the days of lethargic confinement in a ship traveling for months together. We can reach from west to east of the earth in a day. However, this sudden outburst of speed has brought in its demerits. We are now leading a life of anxious moments and missteps in our activities.

When we travel abroad, we need to build a checklist to make sure that all our vital activities are in place. It must not be like a revelation that we have forgotten to lock the garage or keep an important medicine. This blog is like a master checklist to help you enjoy your trip when you hit the road and keep your worries at bay!

The ultimate checklist to maintain when traveling abroad

We would like to suggest that not all checklists are binding. What may work for you may not be suitable for your friend. So, in essence, you must customize this checklist and make them align with your interests and that of your family. We have segregated the checklist into sections thereby enabling you to make a quick reference.

  1. Emphasize safety: You must make sure all the required insurance is in place. There can be no compromise concerning safety. Besides, you must research the safety aspects of your destination. Are there emergency numbers, does the destination have good medical facilities. It is quite obvious that you cannot go to a place currently rocked by anarchy.
  2. Keep a watchful eye for your travel documents and financial instruments: Falling immediately after safety is the need to keep your travel documents handy. After all, imagine your position if you forget to take pre-booked entry tickets to a theme park or a fantastic museum. Your finances are equally important. If you carry cash or traveler’s cheques, make sure they are secure and easily accessible.
  3. Get the appropriate vaccinations: You cannot afford to get sick when you plan to have a good time at an exotic destination. Getting sick would be the worst nightmare one can imagine in a far-away place. The worst experience would be the ignorance of the local language and making your way around to get to a hospital or a doctor. Make sure you get vaccinated in your native country and stay immune to impending maladies.
  4. Build awareness of your destination: If you want to get the maximum of your holiday, you must know the place well in advance. That way, you may be spared of any nasty surprise. Besides, you would not depend on anybody to get around. If you are well aware of the public transportation that a place offers, you are very much in command.
  5. Take extra care of your domestic tasks: Make a note. You need to turn your gas off, lock your closets, turn all electrical appliances off and maybe turn the surveillance camera on. Take a piece of paper and note down these trivial issues. You would be surprised that such minor aspects would run into a small booklet. You must get a magnet and fix this piece of paper on your refrigerator. That way, it would be easily visible and quick to refer to. However, just relax and try not to get obsessed.
  6. Stay online and download all the important apps: These days, our mobile devices are our best companion when we travel to a remote place. Often, industrialized destinations offer temporary sim cards that also offer data connectivity. It is vital to stay online and in touch with your emails and messengers. Besides, downloading essential applications like maps, mobile payment apps, and taxi booking apps is paramount.
  7. Don’t miss out on essentials: To summarize our checklist and inform you to carry the below items, we hope they are useful for your purpose.
    1. Mosquito repellants if visiting a tropical destination.
    2. Sweater/pullover if the place happens to be cold.
    3. Universal adapter for electrical convenience.
    4. Anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizers (especially with the current onset of corona-related respiratory illnesses)
    5. Power Banks to refill your mobile devices.


Regarding the recent blight plaguing mankind, we would like to emphasize a point related to fitness. Keeping fit is the ideal way to thwart maladies. There can be no effect on the best medicines if our capacity to fight diseases is weakened. Before heading to a far-off place, make an introspection. Are you ready? Are you fit? Only when there is a synergy between your body and mind, you must head out.

We sincerely hope that the discussed checklist would suffice your requirements. The points listed are well researched and from the perspective of a pragmatic traveler. However, they may not be exhaustive and you may uncover better suggestions. The rationale of this blog is to enable you to brainstorm and work your way to achieve a dream holiday!

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