Predator movie series

Specific genres of movies hold our attention. Some of us are attracted to action movies, while some find comfort in comedy renderings. Predator was one such action movie that attracted broad appeal. Predator made way for many equally thrilling sequels. In this discussion, we will take a look at all the Predator series while analyzing what makes them catchy.

Without a doubt, the first Predator gained phenomenal success. The concept of an alien form terrorizing armed military personnel captured the hearts of action enthusiasts. The protagonist played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, who’s muscular physique was well matched to the towering Predator.

An analysis of the first Predator movie

The Predator was unique in the fact that special effects were gaining traction in Hollywood. Although Predator did not have cutting-edge special effects, whatever went into it was made to perfection. The cast also featured well-built men whose military arms proved futile against the monstrous Predator. In the end, cunning traps laid by ‘Dutch’ subdues the alien beast.

Predator movies generally have a predictable storyline. A powerful alien form armed with potent weapons cut through humans like slicing butter. Besides, the Predator has cloaking capabilities that can make it invisible to human eyes. However, the spinoffs introduced variations, including an encounter between the Predator and another alien (Alien vs. Predator).

The first Predator featured Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Dutch. Also in the lead was Carl Weathers as CIA operative Dillon. What should have been a regular rescue operation for Dutch and his men turns fatally dangerous with the Predator taking out all but Dutch. In the end, Dutch uses booby traps to wound the Predator and get rescued by his team.

Predator sequels

Predator 2

Predator 2 came out as the immediate sequel just three years after the first movie. Starring Danny Glover as Lieutenant Michael Mike, Predator 2 was slightly overshadowed by its predecessor. The action sequences were overly bloody and lacked cliffhangers. The plot was predictable, with the Predator completely ruling over humans.

The movie conveyed a note that indicated there would be no further sequels to the Predator franchise. At the ending of the film, Mike makes a point to the Predator that humans are not sitting ducks. The brave retribution enacted by humans made the predators pack up and leave earth.

Alien vs. Predator

This movie stars Sanaa Lathan as Lex, an experienced Arctic, and Antarctic explorer and guide. Lex leads a team of professionals who have been commissioned by a wealthy entrepreneur to investigate a heat signature on the Antarctic coast. The group sets out with sophisticated gadgets and equipment while setting up a base.

The team is ignorant of the fact that this area is a hunting playground of the Predator kind. The Predator species have kept Alien forms in suspended animation and woke them to practice hunting. When Lex and her team inadvertently wake the aliens, all hell breaks loose, triggering a trio war between predators, aliens, and humans.

The movie has a fantastic twist wherein the end, and Lex teams up with a predator to bring down the huge alien. The action sequence in the film gets well-timed with many cliffhangers. The movie is another feather in the cap for Hollywood. 


The plot of this movie is slightly confusing, and the cast is low key. There are plenty of action scenes, and they tend to be bloody. The plot revolves around two warring tribes displaced on a different planet. These groups of people are looking for a way back to earth. The movie ends on a rather sad note with the protagonist and the heroine backing out to head back home.

The Predator

This movie is currently the final film of the franchise. The video went on to gain mixed reviews and earned 160 million U.S. dollars worldwide. The film features a super predator that is much more powerful than its counterpart. The movie offers a unique twist and makes a wholesome use of special effects.


We would agree that the Predator movie series is an absolute must for any action movie buff. The effort that has gone into making the series is commendable. The special effects and cinematography are equally appreciable. You would develop a great interest in action movies if you watch the series!

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