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The Internet has made it possible to build and deploy innovations. Offering software as a service (SaaS) has further made the availability of tools at an arm’s reach. There is no need to install bulky applications on individual machines. Using a compatible browser, people can access the portal of their choice and avail of their tools.


In this discussion, we will discuss some web applications you may inadvertently have missed out on. You would appreciate the variety of tools available while getting an insight on how to mine and use the tools. We have segregated the tools into categories, and it would almost be a revelation to you if you had skipped checking them out. 


The rise of web apps


Web apps were not so prevalent in the earlier days of information technology. There was much emphasis given to desktop applications. As times progressed, people realized the redundancy of having desktop apps when their requirements not entirely met with one of them.


As technologies in the Internet domain advanced, web apps became popular. Web apps have progressed to the level of being developed into progressive web apps (PWA). The PWA offers performance on par with native apps. PWA achieves this superior performance by making use of advanced interfaces.


A comprehensive study of web apps


We present to you some web apps which you would find interesting. Please note that these web applications are the first-page search results for common keywords. The strategy to find apps via search engines works very well and should be adopted. We have segregated the apps into categories, and hopefully, you would find them useful.    


Please note that most of these tools are not free. They offer competitive subscription rates charged monthly or annually. We recommend that you should not get put away looking at the prices. A lot of effort goes into developing intuitive features, and it would only be fair if they charge nominal rates.                                                             


  • Design tools
    • Crello: Crello is a powerful and easy tool to create visual eye-candies. Crello provides a comprehensive set of offers ranging from social media art to display ads. We would recommend this as a must-have tool in your bucket list.


  • Canva: The Canva is yet another design authoring tool that has set new standards in web applications.


  • Visme/Piktochart/LucidPress: The mentioned set of trio tools serve the purpose of enhanced graphic development. They have some things in stock, but there are features you may not find. We recommend that if you are a power user, you must subscribe to each of them to give a boost to your creative output. 


  • Vector art tools
    • Vectr: Vectr is a powerful tool for online vector art authoring. This tool provides the most widely used features and makes it convenient to design efficiently.


  • Photo editing tools
    • Fotor: Fotor offers cutting-edge photo retouch tools that would suffice the novice or an expert. The tools range from changing image attributes to making an intuitive collage.


  • E-Learning tool
    • Absorb Learning: The set of tools offered by Absorb Learning makes authoring e-learning a breeze. The e-learning domain is fast evolving with the current set of tools being limited. In the future, we expect to see more tools spawning.


  • 3D modeling tool
    • Vectary: Online 3D modeling is a great application to develop collateral for web or social media requirements. Vectary is a great web app to satisfy your needs.


  • Video editing tools
    • Wevideo/Kapwing: There is a host of video editing software, and most of them are quite tricky to use. The duo tools mentioned help extensively to ease your work of working with videos. Their subscription opens a world of creative templates. Usability and intuitive tools are their hallmarks.


  • Music composition tool
    • SoundTrap: Music composition would indeed be a burning requirement for any project. We cannot always rely on music composed by leading artists. Soundtrap would come to your rescue in just this instance. You would get empowered with thousands of pre-recorded templates.


  • PDF Editing tool
    • Sejda: Editing PDF files is almost becoming a daily activity. When your requirement is so essential, then Sejda would prove to be indispensable. Go for this online tool and be empowered.


  • Online diagram tool
    • LucidChart/Creately: Making diagrams is common in the field of information technology. The duo set of tools works very efficiently to create comprehensive layouts. Your layouts may be flow charts, technical drawing, or software design, and these tools provide cutting-edge widgets and blocks.




You must have gathered a fair bit of idea regarding the options available. You must note that this list is not binding and not entirely comprehensive. As technology progresses, there may be new tools that may evolve. Our recommendation is to always stick to the latest and the greatest. If you follow our suggestion, you will find yourself at the peak of your productivity.

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